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Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Spring Replacement

Garage doors put on weight and with gravity taking effect, spring systems are used to counteract the force so that the doors feel lighter when pushed open and to control their motion when they are pulled down to prevent the doors from crashing to the ground. There are two different spring systems used in garage door assembly namely the Extension Spring system and the Torsion Spring System.
Extension Spring systems use springs with one end mounted on the door sides and the other end hooked to a pulley and into the tracks. These springs expand and contract whenever the door opens or closes. Torsion Spring systems are more commonly used nowadays. It uses springs that are mounted above the door framing, usually in a horizontal position. These springs wind and unwind to open or close the garage doors.

SL Broken Spring Replacement


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SL Garage Door Springs Replacement and Repair

Garage Door Springs Replacement and Repair services

Garage door springs have a life expectancy determined in cycles not years. One cycle is a single opening and closing sequence, which indicates the more you utilize the door, the shorter the life span of the springs. In hectic households, the number of cycles can add up quickly, increasing the opportunity that you’ll experience a busted garage door spring.
If you are searching for professional garage door spring repair, throughout San Antonio and the surrounding areas, give us a call for professional services, we will work with you to better identify and comprehend your choices. We have 10 years of experience serving San Antonio citizens. For the convenience of our consumers.

Garage door Spring Replacement

We focus on cracked spring replacement in San Antonio. All springs are under extreme strain day in and day out. They frequently require changing, and it’s one of the most common reasons your car could get trapped in your garage. We have the understanding and proficiency to replace your springs in under an hour. We keep all a wide range of type of springs on-hand and show up with the workforce required to replace any damaged spring. Please do not replace the springs yourself!

Garage door spring repair

It is important to your safety that only a garage door expert installs new garage door springs. The springs require a large amount of pre-load which is where we pre-tension the garage door springs in order to do their job properly. If this step is compromised in any way, the do-it-yourself installer could be hit by the pre-load tool and be badly injured. We’ve seen instances of people’s teeth being knocked out by a careless and amateur installer attempting to repair a broken garage spring. Replacing the springs is relatively inexpensive and we can do it safely – and quickly. And, our prices will fit any budget. Call us today for garage door spring repair and replacement in San Antonio, TX!

Garage Door Replacement Costs

How much does it cost to replace a garage door or a garage door spring? The garage door spring replacement costs depend on several factors, including the weight of the garage door. The heavier the garage door is, the more expensive the garage door springs will be.
At S&L Garage Doors, we offer competitive market prices for our top-notch products and services. We do not have any hidden charges that may strain your budget. Call us to get a clear quote on your garage door replacement or repair project.

SL Garage Door Replacement Costs